I Love Lucy – Lucy Has a Baby

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sauquoit13456 says:

On this day in 1951 {October 15th} the first episode of the comedy series “I Love Lucy” aired on CBS-TV network…
The show ran from 1951 to 1957 with a grand total of 181 episodes…
It won four prime time Emmy Awards…
R.I.P. Ms. Ball (1911-1989}, Mr. Arnaz {1917-1986}, Ms. Vance {1909-1979}, and Mr. Fawley {1889-1966}…

ervin downings says:

you cant reharse it

greenlanternintx says:


Gina Christina says:

how cute a little pregnant lucy =]

leahoakes98 says:

Thank you

Dark Spirit says:

1953: Lucy Goes To The Hospital

justalittlebookworm says:

I agree! These shows were so much SMARTER and more fun! Not saying that NEVER happens today, but….well right now I can’t think of a modern example of such a good show!

myhearthasahistory13 says:

I completely agree. I am 16, and I HATE our television shows now. Its all profanity and nudity. I think I was born in the wrong decade.

PrettyEquestrianGirl says:

This is Lucy goes to the hospital

leahblashful says:

Dr. Harris was one of her doctor’s in real life. She always liked to use the names of real people in her life. She had a business manager named Mr. Hitchox (not sure exactly how to spell it), and she had a friend or someone she knew named Lillian Appleby, and a best friend named Marion Strong!

leahoakes98 says:

What episode is this

reclau1980 says:

qué grandes eran…

madiooch96 says:

Wow, this is great! They just don’t make television like this anymore.

havinganewbaby says:

Great show as always!

dawsonwhore174 says:

Way to stay calm!

PrettyEquestrianGirl says:

@MsStormywatson I agree, comedy now is stupid and inappropriate. Tomorrow’s generation will NEVER know true comedy. Except me because I’m 13 and I know who Lucy, Desi, Vivian, and Will are.I had asked a couple of my friends if they knew who Lucille Ball was. They said “who?”. Thats Just sad. RIP LUCILLE BALL, DESI ARNAZ, VIVIAN VANCE, AND WILLIAM FRAWLEY.

vkm416 says:

The funniest ever episode! Ricky cracks me up trying to get out the door with that suitcase!!! LMAO!

Jenn Madden says:

I love when he puts Lucy’s coat on the old man.

miguelrodriguez7474 says:

Happy father’s Day everyone…!

gnsp07 says:


talfonso4 says:

Laughing so hard it started to hurt. LOL

MsStormywatson says:

lol, i love it when they were all screaming at each other to go call a cab, now THATS comedy

john brooks says:

i thought he said calm…

havevshavenot says:

The time has come!

kentherockinman says:

I have reason to believe that if they reran this episode in August of 1953, it aired on Kansas City’s then brand-new CBS affiliate, KMBC-TV.

soccerguy325 says:

I love how calm they all are and how proud they are of themselves, even though that is SO not what would happen in reality! Which is why they were rushing so much when it happened that they forget Lucy!

ilovelucyfan7 says:

Lucy Goes to the Hospital season 2

Crimsonite20 says:

Ricky: *Raises his fist* “the Time has come”…lol

greenartisticfiend says:


daffodillsable says:

that made me laugh loud.

daffodillsable says:

i realy had to lol.

cheeriosinabowl says:

Classic show and a classic scene.

But, as in many episodes, Ricky overacts his role, making it unbelievable. He overdoes it.

Still, love the show as always.

teamdamon91girl says:

im laughing so hard my stomach hurts and i stop crying it’s so funny

newyorkcitylatinguy says:

haha that is sooo funny

legomaster335 says:

i loved this episode.i loved the episode when little ricky gets his dog :)

Lucy Goozie says:

i love how the keep pushing ricky down on the sofa. XD

Melissa Rose says:

great acting nd before they were gonna act all calm but no 1 can act calm when Lucy is about & what’s the episode where Lucy finds out she is pregnant & she is in her apartment with Ethel

Dakota Cazares says:

you forgot the mom lol cant very well show up to the hospital empty handed now can you lol i love this show my mom and i watched it all the time

AC1209ROX says:

@ 1:15 i’m just like “Oh, Lucy, just leave.”

mrskennya says:

The day this aired is the actual day she gave birth to Desi, Jr…

mrskennya says:

The day this aired is the actual day she gave birth to Desi, Jr…

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