I Love Lucy – Hamburgers

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From the episode 27 of season 3, ‘The Diner’. I got a real kick out of this bit.


xJulyCMGx says:

Ethel looks cute/funny when she winks the man over :D lol I never seen this episode before

debinael58 says:


sha11235 says:

I think Fred would’ve asked the drunk to join him in a drink.

Joshy51112 says:

wow I havent seen this epidoe since I was 9!! very funny.

Joshy51112 says:

wow I havent seen this epidoe since I was 9!! very funny.

NicBunnymen says:

Is the entire show uploaded

imaluvchocolate says:

i love Lucy and Ricky’s laugh :)

MissAnimeFreak513 says:

When my dad was a teenager, burgers cost ten cents and a gallon of gas was five. So basically in my mind, having 100 dollars back then, people thought you were a millionaire.

gemmy1822 says:

I love how they all just stare at that man when he walks in lol

BreBrebunny14 says:

Its funny how in the older days you could get a hamburger for less than 25 cents….. Any ways I love this show:)

divagirl316 says:

I agree with the person below me

fiona45rt says:

I am so sad all four of them didn’t live to see the 21st century. I am 21 yrs old and I don’t like any of the current TV shows at all. I began watching this 2 months ago and I fell in love with it. This is my only favorite show.

16lucylover says:

I agree and ice cream cost like 5.00 now it’s ridiculous!

16lucylover says:

Sometimes it’s the girls v.s boys or the Ricardos v.s. Mertzes they can so bad to each other! LOL

MrJediAres says:

If they changed this to colour, put it on television nowadays, it would be the most popular sitcom ever.

MissyMishti2095 says:

“i’d like a hundred hamburgers.” xD

alrozz says:

People lost money just like they lose money today, if you found a quarter you had breakfast lunch and dinner.

suzycreamcheesez says:

“would hardly” “cost”

sha11235 says:

The guy trying to save a penny on a hamburger could’ve been related to Bill Frawley.

samantha3081 says:

U just got earned Ethel and fred

ilovelucyfan7 says:

1:45 Ricky looks so cute when he’s laughing

ilovelucyfan7 says:

If hamburgers costed 15 cents today we wouldn’t hardley spend money for it. Parking costed 50 cents & haircuts costed 25 cents & magazines 10 cents

ilovelucyfan7 says:

The first episode i watched & made me a fan of I Love Lucy was The Moustache

ilovelucyfan7 says:

They both truly loved each other til they died

ilovelucyfan7 says:

Lucy & Desi were in love til they died & are together in heaven

koasterkav2758 says:

Can you please upload the last scene of this episode where they have the pie fight? (The reason for the pies all over the place). Thanks.

vcvfbcfgh says:

that made me laugh so hard

candygurlyxoxo says:

& there food/restaurant looks ALOT cleaner than what we have today. lol. :P

candygurlyxoxo says:

I Love. I Love Lucy!(;

GliTCH11 says:

I dunno man but you can get a McDouble at McDonald’s or a Volcano burrito at Taco Bell for .99. That’s like .11 in 1950s dollars.

Noahster99 says:

I watch I love Lucy all the time! So funny!

vcvfbcfgh says:

lol this was funny

Bee06 says:

.15 back then is equal to almost $2 today so you can at McDonald’s :)

wowmoviescores says:

.15 cent hamburger’s…….omg..i wish!!!

indigothecat says:

Probably what they’d be made out of, too. XD

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