I Dream of Jeannie – Pilot part 1/3

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I Dream of Jeannie – Pilot part 1/3 1×01


gus4u2c says:

just saw the pilot on ME TV, and it was in black and white. Was this colorized?

vibratingstring says:


Toracube says:

She was amazing (and a great actress)

Bfdidc says:

Ah, the 1960s, when America was still a nation boldly going forward into outer space. And, yes, RIP, Mr. Hagman.

Gebruikersnaam238 says:

I Dream of Jeannie is making fun of muslim beliefs but I won’t tell them.

KafshakTashtak says:

Where can I get a copy of this girl?

KafshakTashtak says:

She speaks farsi in a funny accent.

Spideymrw says:

yeah that’s true but hopefully they won’t be as jealous as jeannie was and cock block you every time you tried to date a female

Christopher Hines says:

I have a huge crush on Barbara Eden, Beautiful Girls and She’s now 78 years old!

phil1958uk says:

RIP Larry Hagman.

Wende Matheny says:

Rip Larry

andy12lima says:

RIP Larry

21coppicegate says:

I did. If I offended you I apologize.

Dick Steele says:

you opened up a that channel today just to make that comment?? innerestin

21coppicegate says:

Francine Paradis is correct. Further, it is not called anal cancer, it is called rectal cancer. I can verify it because I was a victim and now a ten year survivor.

buddyeagle says:

RIP Larry. Thank you.

apacheaviator1 says:

My absolute dream-girl since I can remember.

Francine Paradis says:

You are wrong.  Barbara Eden is not died. You are talking about Farrah Fawcett who died the same day that Michael Jackson,i.e. June 25th 2009.

Progrose says:

Mr. Hagman Thank you so so much for the great work you have done over the years. I love this show and Dallas because of J.R., the greatest villain tv has created. You did it all man now go RIP.

Dick Steele says:

it was very sad when genie died from anal cancer a couple of years ago

AmTheBestDamnThing11 says:

Came here from the sabrina the teenage witch pilot I was going to comment how attractive tony&jeannie are and how much chemistry the characters have but from reading these comments and googling larry oh my god he died yesterday :( so sad my heaet goes out to larrys family and fans. Now that hes no longer with us the question is what are tnt goin to do with hes character jr on dallas :/ THERES NO DALLAS WITHOUT JR AND ONLY LARRY CAN PLAY JR :(

mtstinson1 says:

Where can I find part 2?

codethis says:

2:22 Bitch, suck my dick whenever I want and make me a Billionaire. Now get back in that bottle until I tell you to come out.

Tony is such a loser.

codethis says:

1:28 : NBC couldn’t afford a fake NASA crash site, but “SOS” written in the sand only cost a few thousand dollars.

eqshannon says:

Botox? A wonderful personality however…but botox has become so industry standard these days.. why?

angelfish43 says:

I wonder what she said? Larry Hagman – I remember him most for this even though I watched Dallas. Loved I Dream of Jeannie~

Nat Torres says:

R. I. P. Larry Hagman. You were truly a legend and will forever be in our hearts.

mp1017 says:

R.I.P. Larrry, we loved you.

excelerater says:

the TV shows of my youth were 10000x better than whats out there today

ingahauks77 says:

R.I.P Larry Hagman

carolmichellef says:

RIP Larry Hagman …

Roy Galvan says:

Rest in Peace Larry Hagman and thanks for the television show memories . Happy trails to you , fellow Texan .

kilokipo says:

RIP Major Nelson

Samuel davs says:

Finally come to an end

Mikeyiwrites says:

RIP Larry Hagman

bowlersinger says:

So long, Major Nelson!  :-(

ella5024 says:

See that vapor, that is the same as a Chemtrail, because they are Djiins.

Byron Aarstad says:

I (we ) Love , IDream of Jeannie. We have all seasons on dvd. I wish we could find the movie they made afterward.
John Fields

DoctorScuba says:

if this show came out today, there would be RIOTS all over the place!

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