8 Hilarious Moments I Love Lucy

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Worth the money to buy all 6 seasons!!!


siomara hernandez says:

chicken can also be when is cooked, but yes pollito is chicken and gallina is hen

Jeffieboi says:

I thought gallina is hen, and pollo is chicken.

tdwtGWENRULES says:

LOL XDD “it’s a hard choice to have to make, but the one for me is- ALBERT!!!” XDDD

madamcoco4 says:

“Ricky! Come on, dear! We have to go!” -3
Lol! I was born in 1993, so I didn’t really grow up with I Love Lucy, but I still REALLY enjoy them! I love shows like this that are just… Timeless.

ThePenguinExpress says:

oooo… sorry my Lucy Desi comedy hour on the case says “I Love Lucy”, but yea, iig uess it still counts.

IStillLoveLucy111 says:

There were 6 seasons of I Love Lucy and 3 seasons of The Lucy and Desi Comedy Hour.

ThePenguinExpress says:


pinkbutterflygrrl227 says:

lol my favorite is ewwwwww or however it sounds when she’s is in trouble. LOl

ladymidnightful says:

That WAS funny , especially when Lucy and Ethel went out on the scaffold as painters and spied on Ricky and Grace.

desilucyfan says:

For heaven sake Albert go eat you lunch!!!

NeverSoLonley23 says:

ALBERT COME GET  YOUR LUNCH!!! lol favorite moment of all the shows <3 have all the seasons.

NeverSoLonley23 says:

oh my God Lucille ball is just one of the best comiidians ever. her body comidy is the best iv ever seen she makes her expresions so really and dramatic but not over the top. love <3 Vivian Vance is great to she is so go at being a sidekick for lucille and make thins she does even funnier with her comments. and william frowly hes just….him no way to describe it <3 Desi Arnez…..i love lucy wouldnt be the same without his accent and lucys teasing. i love lucy is the best show ever

casey6970 says:

i love lucy myself. :) i can watch it over n over again. im 30yrs old n worse than my father with it lol :)~

pontia7 says:

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee them soo muchhhhhhhh



TheVashleyfan4eva says:

lucy is awesome

MsTexas73 says:

There were six seasons of I Love Lucy and then there was the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

etbella3 says:

I have some I Love Lucy nursing scrubs. And, no, they are not for sale.

uhhhgirlxoxo says:

Hi I’m looking for the episode with the popular catch-phrases “Lucy! I’m Home!” and “Lucy, you’ve got some splainin’ to do!”

UFOSPACE1999 says:

I think there was 7 seasons…

faithfan98 says:

gotta love lucy

xxblodlustxx says:

“come in 2A, come in 2A… over” hahaha

illnsp08 says:

I agree! Totally worth it! Great vid of a preview of I Love Lucy.

Brianeddie666 says:

The woman that plays Lucy’s maid is i think also the voice of the fairy godmother in Disney’s Cinderella.

nikkixnickels says:

good point hahah

dooquidis4ever says:

One only has 10 minutes!!!!

nikkixnickels says:

LMFAO i love them all but you forgot the vitameatavegamin one!

kibakiss123 says:

i swear water came out my nose :D

mearte says:

So funny!. I love I love Lucy!.
Forever in me.
Watch my videos.

cheeseluver123 says:

this is a really great show!!!! lucy is SOOOO funny!!! great job on this video by the way. Like adw888 said, you’ve captured some really funny moments!!!

dooquidis4ever says:

“Lucy is Matchmaker”
(Episode #62)

chinchillaqueen13 says:

what episode is the one with the negligees and eddy grand or grant. I’ve seen that one and it is so funny, but I can’t seem to find it again. What is it called? Great job on the video. These are some really funny scenes ^-^

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